Family Photographer Melbourne - Footscray Park

When Bec contacted me about booking her family photography session, I knew instantly it was going to be one that pulled at the heart strings. 

When I asked Bec about what was most important to her for me to capture during our session, her response was that

SHE wanted for people to understand how adored Pascale is, and how having a baby with Down Syndrome was the best thing that ever happened to their family ❤️

Family photography in Melbourne

That sentiment was immediately obvious when I met them in person… the joy, the laughter, the love… what an absolute honour for me to be able to capture this gorgeous family who wanted to celebrate their first year with one beautifully bright, happy and perfect little girl.

Bec also recently shared a post on our local mums and bubs facebook group and her words were just SO beautiful that (with her permission) I wanted to reshare them here

“Introducing Pascale, she’s just had her first birthday.

If I could give her disability back and still keep her I’d say thanks but no thanks. We love her extra chromosome! It’s where the magic is.

Along with her diagnosis comes lovely personality traits; never cries, placid, cuddly, can take her anywhere beyond nap time and she doesn’t turn into a pumpkin, and she just seems so in love with me all the time! Shux.

Bringing her into the world has opened up our eyes (and hearts) and she is honestly the best little surprise bundle that’s ever happened to our family “

Can I just say that this is one of the absolute best parts about my job !? Meeting people and being able to see, hear and FEEL just how strong their love for one another is ? And then being able to capture that forever… how lucky am I ??

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and Bec has been passionately sharing information to help educate people and to celebrate the wonderful contribution and acheivements that people with Down Syndrome make to the world. I thought this information that she shared from the Down Syndrome Australia website, was so interesting -

Down syndrome is a genetic condition. It is not an illness or a disease. 

Our bodies are made up of millions of cells. In each cell there are 46 chromosomes. The DNA in our chromosomes determines how we develop. Down syndrome is caused when there is an extra chromosome. People with Down syndrome have 47 chromosomes in their cells instead of 46. They have an extra chromosome 21, which is why Down syndrome is also sometimes known as trisomy 21.

Although we know how Down syndrome occurs, we do not yet know why it happens. Down syndrome occurs at conception, across all ethnic and social groups and to parents of all ages. It is nobody's fault. There is no cure and it does not go away.

Down syndrome is the most common chromosome disorder that we know of. One of every 700-900 babies born worldwide will have Down syndrome, although this number is lower in Australia - see Down syndrome population statistics. Down syndrome is not a new condition. People with Down syndrome have been recorded throughout history.

People with Down syndrome have:

  • some characteristic physical features

  • some health and development challenges

  • some level of intellectual disability.

Because no two people are alike, each of these things will vary from one person to another.

A test for Down syndrome can be carried out before a baby is born. Down syndrome is usually recognised at birth and is confirmed by a blood test. It was named after Dr John Langdon Down who first described it.

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If you would like to book your own Family Photography Session in Melbourne, please get in touch ! I would LOVE to hear from you.

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Melbourne Maternity Photographer - By the seaside

I’m just gonna say it….

I have the best clients ever!

Honestly, Nhi & Joey could not have been more fun, more adorable or more adventurous if they tried !! Can you believe that this is what “we are awkward in front of the camera” looks like !? Ummmmm, say what now!?

Newborn photography and family photography sessions where there are babies and kids involved are a GREAT way to ease some professional photoshoot awkwardness - because they give the adults something to focus on OTHER than the camera. I’m not going to lie to you guys, maternity sessions where there are NO newborns or children involved can sometimes feel a wee bit more awkward…because it’s just us and your baby bump…no wild distractions…dum dummmmm.

My 2 biggest tips for dealing with those nervous butterflies and the photoshoot awkwardness are -


Seriously, MOST PEOPLE feel awkward when a camera is pointing at them… I sure as hell do ! But if we can all just acknowledge that fact and then you can both laugh with one another about how you feel like complete nutters, you can do your most ridiculous zoolander poses and shake-it-OFF! Because honestly, all those awkward laughs and stupid jokes almost always end up in real genuine laughs and smiles once you’ve warmed up a little. Plus, you probably FEEL more awkward than you actually look - Joey & Nhi were so relaxed and at home with one another that any awkwardness they were feeling just didn’t translate into their images at all. Am I right or am I right !? (spoiler alert…I’m right #ialwaysam #askmyhusband).

2. Find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable

It’s OK to feel a bit awkward, but you still should feel comfortable and trust in your photographer!! A good photographer will help to guide you to be your most natural selves, help you to connect with one another, photograph you in a flattering way and reassure you along the way ! Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to have a chat on the phone before you book with them, to make sure you will be a good fit for one another.

For me personally, my approach is light-hearted, fun and as I’m a bit of a dork (some may say that’s an understatement), this often helps people to feel a bit more relaxed! Plus, I make sure I get to know a bit about you guys before our shoot so that I can tailor the session to best suit YOUR needs! Oh, and I’m super clumsy, so if you’re one of those people that laugh at other people falling over or slightly injuring themselves (who isn’t?) you’re in luck!!

Anyway, back to my gorgeous clients…. would you look at them please!? The last magical light on a cold winters day on the Mornington Peninsula… and it could not have been more perfect!!

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Lols. Sorry Joey, but Nhi’s baby bump is way cuter than yours ;)

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Our highlight reel - Melbourne Family Photographer

I feel like I need to preface this post by stating for the record that these photos, in fact ALL the photos I post on my instagram / facebook / blog - they are all from our highlight reel.   I am not a mummy blogger - I use my blog and social media accounts as a way of highlighting the best of my work for the purposes of a photography portfolio.  Essentially it's my best and most creative work OR the moments that I love and treasure the most.  If I was a mummy blogger, TRUST ME, I would not have such a curated feed. 

The reason I'm saying this and feel this need to explain myself is because I received a message from a friend recently which said something along the lines of "from the looks of your instagram feed, your life is perfect right now" - say whaaaaaat!?

Firstly, my instagram feed is like 70% client work... so I have no idea how my client's love / joy / beauty is any reflection on my life. 

Secondly, oh my gosh that is so not true!! God, if I was a mummy blogger, my feed would be filled with tears /  mess / guilt /  tantrums in the street / how we watched frozen 5 times in one day / how I call my husband at 8am on some days and ask him if he can come home from work because I'm done with parenting after ONE hour / how I hid in the bathroom from the kids and ate chocolate for lunch  .... you get the drift, right!?  But guys, I'm NOT a mummy blogger ! I share allllll the shit stuff with my friends and family, but I just don't feel it's something I want to share on social media at this point in my business! (but totally in love with so many of the incredible women that do share their experiences with the many highs and lows of motherhood through social media !) 

So  yep, every now and then, we go somewhere beautiful - I take photos because it's my PASSION, and if I LOVE the photos - I will share them online as a representation of the best of my work. More often than not, we do alllllll the standard / routine stuff that everyone else does - sometimes I take photos in those situations too, and if i'm lucky, I can turn something boring into something beautiful - more likely, I take an uninspiring photo or the kids aren't in the mood for it and I don't love it so I don't share it in this space. 

Also - I ramble (it's a family condition, passed down by my father).

OK, well if you're still reading, thanks for sticking with me... enjoy the highlights :) 

Melbourne Family Photographer_0023.jpg
Melbourne Family Photographer_0024.jpg
Melbourne Family Photographer_0025.jpg
Melbourne Family Photographer_0026.jpg
Melbourne Family Photographer_0027.jpg
Melbourne Family Photographer_0028.jpg
footscray family photographer

Melbourne Family Photographer - Summer Beach Sessions

My husband grew up in Auckland and across the road from the McEwan family.  Marrying into the Worrall family, really also meant you needed to marry into the McEwan family, as there is not a story of childhood or life that doesn’t involve these guys. Thankfully, for me, the McEwan’s are one of the most fun and loving families I’ve ever met and are just such a joy (and completely hilarious) to be around!!   

So, when we went back to NZ for Christmas, I really wanted to get to some of Auckland’s west coast beaches for a sunset family photography session and I knew that Victoria, Fred, Hawaiki and Tawa would be the PERFECT people to take there.  Victoria was initially hopeful I might just want to take photos of her boys alone, like soooo many mums (including me!!), she wasn’t super keen to get in front of the camera… thankfully, I can be very persuasive !!    Because really, as sweet and gorgeous as the boys are (and they really are!!), the LOVE between those boys and Victoria and Fred is something that needs to be treasured, documented and held onto forever. Wouldn't you agree??

Jess Worrall is a Melbourne based family and newborn photographer. Jess travels to NZ once or twice a year and releases a limited number of family photography sessions whilst there. If you would like to be the FIRST to know about upcoming NZ travel dates and sessions (as well as get access to discounts and other fun stuff), sign up to the mailing list !!  *Jess also sometimes likes to talk in the third person.
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Melbourne Maternity Photographer - a beautiful world with boys

I have a boy and a girl at home. Everyone ALWAYS says how lucky I am to have a "pigeon pair" (what a strange saying!?). I AM lucky, but not because I have a boy and a girl, because I have two beautiful, hilarious, healthy children. They are completely nuts the majority of the time, but those first 3 things I just said are also true.

You know who else is incredibly lucky ? Mums of BOYS, and I have the undeniable proof right here – THIS FAMILY ! Seriously, the love, energy and hilarity in this home was off the charts. These boys!? Cuddly, loving, playful, hilarious… just a joy to be around! There is something just so special about the mother/son bond and capturing that has to be one of my favourite things in the world.

I'm also pretty lucky as I get to come back to this beautiful family in January and capture them welcoming home their newest arrival. #lovemyjob

Side note - how freaking HIL-ARIOUS is Jack’s door sign !? Yes Jack, I would like a pizza  ! How did you know?! 

Are you raising all boys !? Tell me, what is the best thing about being about being a mum of boys?!

Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0252.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0253.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0254.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0255.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0256.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0257.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0258.jpg

Did you know that I offer a discounted rate when you book in a maternity session AND newborn session at the same time!? You can check out all of my pricing and packages here

Sessions book out a month or two in advance, so it’s super important to get in early to avoid disappointment - get in touch!