Melbourne Maternity Photographer - By the seaside

I’m just gonna say it….

I have the best clients ever!

Honestly, Nhi & Joey could not have been more fun, more adorable or more adventurous if they tried !! Can you believe that this is what “we are awkward in front of the camera” looks like !? Ummmmm, say what now!?

Newborn photography and family photography sessions where there are babies and kids involved are a GREAT way to ease some professional photoshoot awkwardness - because they give the adults something to focus on OTHER than the camera. I’m not going to lie to you guys, maternity sessions where there are NO newborns or children involved can sometimes feel a wee bit more awkward…because it’s just us and your baby bump…no wild distractions…dum dummmmm.

My 2 biggest tips for dealing with those nervous butterflies and the photoshoot awkwardness are -


Seriously, MOST PEOPLE feel awkward when a camera is pointing at them… I sure as hell do ! But if we can all just acknowledge that fact and then you can both laugh with one another about how you feel like complete nutters, you can do your most ridiculous zoolander poses and shake-it-OFF! Because honestly, all those awkward laughs and stupid jokes almost always end up in real genuine laughs and smiles once you’ve warmed up a little. Plus, you probably FEEL more awkward than you actually look - Joey & Nhi were so relaxed and at home with one another that any awkwardness they were feeling just didn’t translate into their images at all. Am I right or am I right !? (spoiler alert…I’m right #ialwaysam #askmyhusband).

2. Find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable

It’s OK to feel a bit awkward, but you still should feel comfortable and trust in your photographer!! A good photographer will help to guide you to be your most natural selves, help you to connect with one another, photograph you in a flattering way and reassure you along the way ! Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to have a chat on the phone before you book with them, to make sure you will be a good fit for one another.

For me personally, my approach is light-hearted, fun and as I’m a bit of a dork (some may say that’s an understatement), this often helps people to feel a bit more relaxed! Plus, I make sure I get to know a bit about you guys before our shoot so that I can tailor the session to best suit YOUR needs! Oh, and I’m super clumsy, so if you’re one of those people that laugh at other people falling over or slightly injuring themselves (who isn’t?) you’re in luck!!

Anyway, back to my gorgeous clients…. would you look at them please!? The last magical light on a cold winters day on the Mornington Peninsula… and it could not have been more perfect!!

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Lols. Sorry Joey, but Nhi’s baby bump is way cuter than yours ;)

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Sunset maternity session - Melbourne Maternity Photographer

My best friends are having their first baby.   We decided to make their maternity session extra special and head down the coast. Although, to be fair, we could have done their session in a office cubicle and they still would have made it freaking stunning !  

Did you know that I offer a discounted rate when you book in a maternity session and your newborn session at the same time!? You can check out all of my pricing and packages here

Sessions book out a month or two in advance, so it’s really important to get in early to avoid disappointment - get in touch!

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Thanks for this 'behind the scenes' snap Harv's - it cracks me up because it has PERFECTLY captured my relationship with Bree... always looking at each other like we're slightly crazy (because, let's face it.... we are). 

Melbourne Maternity Photographer - a beautiful world with boys

I have a boy and a girl at home. Everyone ALWAYS says how lucky I am to have a "pigeon pair" (what a strange saying!?). I AM lucky, but not because I have a boy and a girl, because I have two beautiful, hilarious, healthy children. They are completely nuts the majority of the time, but those first 3 things I just said are also true.

You know who else is incredibly lucky ? Mums of BOYS, and I have the undeniable proof right here – THIS FAMILY ! Seriously, the love, energy and hilarity in this home was off the charts. These boys!? Cuddly, loving, playful, hilarious… just a joy to be around! There is something just so special about the mother/son bond and capturing that has to be one of my favourite things in the world.

I'm also pretty lucky as I get to come back to this beautiful family in January and capture them welcoming home their newest arrival. #lovemyjob

Side note - how freaking HIL-ARIOUS is Jack’s door sign !? Yes Jack, I would like a pizza  ! How did you know?! 

Are you raising all boys !? Tell me, what is the best thing about being about being a mum of boys?!

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Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0253.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0254.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0255.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0256.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0257.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0258.jpg

Did you know that I offer a discounted rate when you book in a maternity session AND newborn session at the same time!? You can check out all of my pricing and packages here

Sessions book out a month or two in advance, so it’s super important to get in early to avoid disappointment - get in touch!

Urban Melbourne Family Photography Session

When Celia first contacted me to tell me she was interested in booking a maternity photography session BUT, she wanted to know whether it might be possible to do something a little different and maybe do an urban shoot in the laneways of Melbourne, I was SO excited. Like, proper butterflies in stomach counting down the days til the session type excited!

Before I had kids, I was obsessed with street photography, and loved exploring all of Melbourne’s hidden laneways and street art.  To the point where I used to trick my husband into going to "try this new coffee shop in Fitzroy” purely because I had heard a new mural had gone up around the corner... The amount of times I have heard him muttering “but what are you even taking a photo of!?” is kind of hilarious and reminds me of just how differently a photographers mind works !!!

The morning I spent with Celia, Curt & Jude was just a perfect Melbourne morning with a toddler. Street art, laneways, coffee (and of course babycinnos) – and let’s not forget, watching garbage trucks! Toddler heaven!  Add in Celia’s beautiful baby bump and it was just a dream session – see for yourself!

Oh and this month I’m part of a blog circle with some incredibly talented women, so once you’re done scrolling through this session, make sure you head on over and check out Kylie Purtell - Sydney Wedding Photographer

And if you would like to book your own urban Melbourne family photography session get in touch here ! 

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Melbourne Family Photographer - Carol, Damien & Kayden - Footscray Park

When Carol contacted me and enquired about booking a maternity / family session - I was thrilled. Carol and I met through mothers group when we had our first babies, but it had been far too long since I had seen her and Kayden - it was so lovely to see, not only how much he had grown, but also what a caring and sweet soul he was turning into.  This little man gave his mumma SO.MUCH.LOVE it made my heart hurt !! I can only imagine what a beautiful and doting older brother he is going to be.  Although, it's not hard to see why - this family were just brimming with love so real and so genuine you could feel it ! 

Some of my favourite images from Carol + Damien + Kayden's session are below....I tried to pick just a few but it was impossible to narrow down favourites so this one is a bit of an over share ;) 

Also, can we all just take a moment to stop and appreciate how damn beautiful Melbourne is in the autumn!?  This session was at Footscray Park and is one of my favourite places for outdoor sessions.   If you would like to book your own family session, do not feel like you have to wait until summer!! Winter and autumn can provide some really stunning backdrops for outdoor family sessions or alternatively, let's meet at your home and have a session in your own cosy space. 

 Click here to enquire or book your own family session


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