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Guess what!?!?
We have just booked a trip back to Auckland for the end of July ! I had so much interest in sessions when I was there at the start of the year that I promised the next time we came back, I would open up a limited number of sessions again ! So, if you are in the Auckland area and would like to book a session for late July / early August, please get in touch - I will only be able to take on a limited number of sessions so don't put it off until it is too late !! 

Also, did you know that my wonderful mailing list subscribers actually got the low down on my NZ travel plans LAST WEEK!?  They are the first ones to find out about any travel plans, updates AND they get discounts just for signing up......Can you see where I'm going with this!?  Well, if you're still wondering, the point I'm trying to make (in my not so subtle way) is that if you missed out on a session date for this NZ trip but never want for that to happen again AND/OR you want other cool discounts and updates, you should probably play it safe and sign up for my mailing list ! All you need to do is scroll to the very bottom of this page to where it says SUBSCRIBE (YOU KNOW YOU WANNA) enter your details and voilà - you'll never miss another update !! 


Ok, phew, now the obligatory salesly spiel is out of the way (I always hate that part..but, yknow, kind of important to do every once and a whille when you're running a business), I can share with you one of the last family photography sessions I did back when I was in New Zealand in January. We ventured out to this gorgeous spot in Mount Albert with the most DE-LIGHTFUL family (have you ever seen a happier, more expressive smile than little Harrison's!?).  Our 5:20am alarms (yes, correct.... SO much respect for these guys for braving the FIVES with a 4 month and 3 year old!!) were TOTALLY WORTH it as we had the PERFECT conditions...but don't take my word for it, see for yourself!!


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Melbourne Family Photographer - Summer Beach Sessions

My husband grew up in Auckland and across the road from the McEwan family.  Marrying into the Worrall family, really also meant you needed to marry into the McEwan family, as there is not a story of childhood or life that doesn’t involve these guys. Thankfully, for me, the McEwan’s are one of the most fun and loving families I’ve ever met and are just such a joy (and completely hilarious) to be around!!   

So, when we went back to NZ for Christmas, I really wanted to get to some of Auckland’s west coast beaches for a sunset family photography session and I knew that Victoria, Fred, Hawaiki and Tawa would be the PERFECT people to take there.  Victoria was initially hopeful I might just want to take photos of her boys alone, like soooo many mums (including me!!), she wasn’t super keen to get in front of the camera… thankfully, I can be very persuasive !!    Because really, as sweet and gorgeous as the boys are (and they really are!!), the LOVE between those boys and Victoria and Fred is something that needs to be treasured, documented and held onto forever. Wouldn't you agree??

Jess Worrall is a Melbourne based family and newborn photographer. Jess travels to NZ once or twice a year and releases a limited number of family photography sessions whilst there. If you would like to be the FIRST to know about upcoming NZ travel dates and sessions (as well as get access to discounts and other fun stuff), sign up to the mailing list !!  *Jess also sometimes likes to talk in the third person.
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Coming to New Zealand!

New Zealand ! My second home. My bestie is a Kiwi, my husband is a Kiwi and apparently this also makes our kids partially Kiwi  (when they do eventually run for the Parliament of Australia (inevitable) i'll obviously pretend to be completely unaware of this - that's how these things work, right Barnaby?). 

Basically any time the kids do something weird or crazy, I blame the Kiwi within them.  Wozz, on the other hand, says that the moment either of the kids show any athletic talent, we're sending them back over to NZ as he isn't prepared to risk having a child that plays for an Australian sports team (something about an cricketing underarm incident, mannnn they CAN hold a grudge those Kiwis #itwastheearly80s #moveon). But obviously I quickly remind him that both of his children will grow up with Australian accents, passports and will say things like "thongs" not "jandals" and that's usually enough to shut him up. 

But in all seriousness, far out I LOVE NZ. I love the Aussie/Kiwi banter (clearly), and this usually starts in the customs hall at the airport. On our last trip, we were showing our passports and the customs officer looked at them, then looked at Wozz (with pity in his eyes), and asked him how his family feel about him being married to an Australian... I bit my tongue on account of wanting to enter the country...  But I do love the passionate people and our awesome family and friends who make our trip back so memorable every.single.time ! It also helps that the scenery is pretty above-average and easy on the eyeballs - and hey, they're about 100 steps ahead of us in terms of social equality, so bonus points there ! 

In exciting news for us, we have just booked two weeks back to New Zealand over christmas this year and I am offering two family (or couple) sessions while we are there. I'm super excited to explore some more of Auckland's beautiful scenery and so if you have been considering updating your family photos, are based in or can get to Auckland or surrounds and want to come on an adventure with me, get in touch and lets book in a session !

Oh and speaking of awesome families, gorgeous scenery and adventures, I am finally sharing the wonderful Skellon family session that I shot during our trip to New Zealand earlier in the year. This was my first time to this particular spot in Auckland and I loved it - it certainly helped that I had the most relaxed and fun little family to hang out with for the morning ! We explored, we played and I had an absolute ball with them ! 

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