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When Bec contacted me about booking her family photography session, I knew instantly it was going to be one that pulled at the heart strings. 

When I asked Bec about what was most important to her for me to capture during our session, her response was that

SHE wanted for people to understand how adored Pascale is, and how having a baby with Down Syndrome was the best thing that ever happened to their family ❤️

Family photography in Melbourne

That sentiment was immediately obvious when I met them in person… the joy, the laughter, the love… what an absolute honour for me to be able to capture this gorgeous family who wanted to celebrate their first year with one beautifully bright, happy and perfect little girl.

Bec also recently shared a post on our local mums and bubs facebook group and her words were just SO beautiful that (with her permission) I wanted to reshare them here

“Introducing Pascale, she’s just had her first birthday.

If I could give her disability back and still keep her I’d say thanks but no thanks. We love her extra chromosome! It’s where the magic is.

Along with her diagnosis comes lovely personality traits; never cries, placid, cuddly, can take her anywhere beyond nap time and she doesn’t turn into a pumpkin, and she just seems so in love with me all the time! Shux.

Bringing her into the world has opened up our eyes (and hearts) and she is honestly the best little surprise bundle that’s ever happened to our family “

Can I just say that this is one of the absolute best parts about my job !? Meeting people and being able to see, hear and FEEL just how strong their love for one another is ? And then being able to capture that forever… how lucky am I ??

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and Bec has been passionately sharing information to help educate people and to celebrate the wonderful contribution and acheivements that people with Down Syndrome make to the world. I thought this information that she shared from the Down Syndrome Australia website, was so interesting -

Down syndrome is a genetic condition. It is not an illness or a disease. 

Our bodies are made up of millions of cells. In each cell there are 46 chromosomes. The DNA in our chromosomes determines how we develop. Down syndrome is caused when there is an extra chromosome. People with Down syndrome have 47 chromosomes in their cells instead of 46. They have an extra chromosome 21, which is why Down syndrome is also sometimes known as trisomy 21.

Although we know how Down syndrome occurs, we do not yet know why it happens. Down syndrome occurs at conception, across all ethnic and social groups and to parents of all ages. It is nobody's fault. There is no cure and it does not go away.

Down syndrome is the most common chromosome disorder that we know of. One of every 700-900 babies born worldwide will have Down syndrome, although this number is lower in Australia - see Down syndrome population statistics. Down syndrome is not a new condition. People with Down syndrome have been recorded throughout history.

People with Down syndrome have:

  • some characteristic physical features

  • some health and development challenges

  • some level of intellectual disability.

Because no two people are alike, each of these things will vary from one person to another.

A test for Down syndrome can be carried out before a baby is born. Down syndrome is usually recognised at birth and is confirmed by a blood test. It was named after Dr John Langdon Down who first described it.

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