Melbourne Family Photographer - Summer Beach Sessions

My husband grew up in Auckland and across the road from the McEwan family.  Marrying into the Worrall family, really also meant you needed to marry into the McEwan family, as there is not a story of childhood or life that doesn’t involve these guys. Thankfully, for me, the McEwan’s are one of the most fun and loving families I’ve ever met and are just such a joy (and completely hilarious) to be around!!   

So, when we went back to NZ for Christmas, I really wanted to get to some of Auckland’s west coast beaches for a sunset family photography session and I knew that Victoria, Fred, Hawaiki and Tawa would be the PERFECT people to take there.  Victoria was initially hopeful I might just want to take photos of her boys alone, like soooo many mums (including me!!), she wasn’t super keen to get in front of the camera… thankfully, I can be very persuasive !!    Because really, as sweet and gorgeous as the boys are (and they really are!!), the LOVE between those boys and Victoria and Fred is something that needs to be treasured, documented and held onto forever. Wouldn't you agree??

Jess Worrall is a Melbourne based family and newborn photographer. Jess travels to NZ once or twice a year and releases a limited number of family photography sessions whilst there. If you would like to be the FIRST to know about upcoming NZ travel dates and sessions (as well as get access to discounts and other fun stuff), sign up to the mailing list !!  *Jess also sometimes likes to talk in the third person.
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