Urban Melbourne Family Photography Session

When Celia first contacted me to tell me she was interested in booking a maternity photography session BUT, she wanted to know whether it might be possible to do something a little different and maybe do an urban shoot in the laneways of Melbourne, I was SO excited. Like, proper butterflies in stomach counting down the days til the session type excited!

Before I had kids, I was obsessed with street photography, and loved exploring all of Melbourne’s hidden laneways and street art.  To the point where I used to trick my husband into going to "try this new coffee shop in Fitzroy” purely because I had heard a new mural had gone up around the corner... The amount of times I have heard him muttering “but what are you even taking a photo of!?” is kind of hilarious and reminds me of just how differently a photographers mind works !!!

The morning I spent with Celia, Curt & Jude was just a perfect Melbourne morning with a toddler. Street art, laneways, coffee (and of course babycinnos) – and let’s not forget, watching garbage trucks! Toddler heaven!  Add in Celia’s beautiful baby bump and it was just a dream session – see for yourself!

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And if you would like to book your own urban Melbourne family photography session get in touch here ! 

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Emilie + Lara + Carolina

The biggest perk of my job as a newborn photographer is that I am constantly reminded of all of the good in the world. Being invited into a new family's home for a couple of hours and getting to not only witness, but getting to capture, their love, their connection, their joy and their bond - it leaves me with this amazing feeling, this feeling that everything is right in the world..

My newborn session with Carolina & her two beautiful mamas, Emilie & Lara, was no exception.  Their bond, the joy and the love in this home was something really special to witness.  There was a beautiful card on display which I felt like summed it up so simply, yet so perfectly

"That will be one lucky baby, having two incredible mums ..." 

And it's so true, because when I look at these images, I can't help but smile when I think about how lucky little Carolina is to grow up in a home that is filled with so.much.love. 

Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0150.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0151.jpg
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Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0153.jpg
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