Am I the right newborn / family photographer for YOUR family?

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I truly believe that there is the perfect photographer out there for everyone. My style, my approach, my personality isn’t going to be the best fit for every single family in Melbourne – and that’s OK ! What is important to make sure of when you are choosing a family or newborn photographer, is that you connect with them and that you have the same shared vision for your photo session.

So, the big question then is, how do YOU know if I’m the right family or newborn photographer for your family??

Well, read on and see if you connect with any of the 9 statements below - if you do, I have a strong feeling you and I are the perfect fit for one another (hooray!!)

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  1. guidance & direction

You feel like it would be helpful to have a little bit of direction during your newborn or family photography session so that you can be confident that your photos are going to be the very best they can be - BUT, you don’t want to feel forced or overly posed (for example. you want to know you are sitting in a way that is flattering or whether it would be better to angle yourselves in a different direction to make the most of the available light)

2. prompts and interaction ideas

You would like some prompts or ideas for how to interact more naturally together during the session in the event you get a little camera shy– you feel like it would be SO worthwhile for your photographer to take the time to get to know your family so that these prompts are tailored towards YOU guys, rather than having a one-size-fits-all approach

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3. fake smiles…

You generally feel pretty uncomfortable in front of the camera and don’t want to have to “fake smile” or perform during your session – the very idea of that makes your face tense up and your mouth start to shake!

4. unconvinced partner

Your partner kinda dreads the idea of having professional photos taken because they are positive it’s going to be a paaaaainful experience. So, you want someone who is going to be relaxed and make everyone feel comfortable and at ease….and actually, you really just want to have fun together so that when you suggest the same thing again next year, you’re not met with quite so much resistance!

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5. proof of mum

You know that although you might not feel your best after having a baby, you desperately want to exist in photos with your kids…you want to feel beautiful and you want to see yourself the way your children see you– and so even if it’s the last thing you want to do right now, you know that your future self, and your kids, will one day thank you for getting in the frame!!

6. candid & natural moments

You want to have the real and natural moments of your family together captured – you have an iphone photo library filled with selfies but actually want to have some meaningful and candid photos with you and your babies.

7. magic in amongst the chaos

You want peace of mind and to know that your photographer is going to be patient, understanding and easy going if your newborn is unsettled or your toddler refuses to cooperate – and you hope that they will still be able to capture some magic in amongst the chaos (but you also kinda love the idea of capturing those chaotic / messy / crazy bits of your reality too!)

8. uniquely yours

You are ready to let go of the high expectations and pressure that comes with having a perfectly curated shot list or plan of how your session must go!! You know that the “picture perfect” photos you see on Instagram and pinterest are not always real life and you don’t want to try and recreate someone elses photoshoot- you want photos that are unique and reflect your family and where you are at in your lives right now.

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9. In your home

You want to be able to have your newborn session in your own home – you not only love the idea of capturing newborn photos in the first house your child will ever know as “home”, but not having to drag bub out to a certain place at a certain time in those first few weeks of life, really appeals to you as well!


So, what do you think? Do these statements reasonate with you ? Do you think we could be a good fit for one another ?

If so, I would love to hear from you and then we can chat more about your own vision for a family or newborn photography session - oh, and keep scrolling if you want to see the rest of this absolutely ADORABLE in home newborn photography session in Melbourne - it’s really something special. All the heart eyes.

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