Melbourne Family Photographer - Rach, Marty, Jack & Charlie

Your family photos are sooo much more than just a series of photos. They are your memories. Your family’s story. The hilarious, sweet and often ridiculous little things that your children do now that you never want to forget… buuuuut, let's be honest, years of sleep deprivation, worry and/or stress mean you are probably going to eventually struggle to recall many of the tiny details! (and in my case, “eventually” is actually more like immediately…like when I had to look up my daughters birth certificate recently to remember her date of birth...I then had to call back my private health insurance and tell them I had indeed given them the wrong date.. but alas, I’m getting off topic!!)

Isn’t it amazing how a picture can evoke a memory that may have otherwise faded and eventually disappeared?! In 10 years time, would you remember how, as a 4 year old, Jack was completely amazed to be leaving the house when it was still dark outside to go on an adventure to the park!? Would you remember how the biggest problem he had on this day was that, despite his best search efforts, he was unable to find and wrestle a real live snake?  Will you remember that the highlight of 2 year old Charlie’s day was chasing a flock of ducks through the park and playing peek-a-boo with Dad!?  What about how when your kids are this little and all of the biggest problems in their world can be solved by a cuddle from mum and a milkshake!?

Photos are so powerful and they are so precious. These are the tiny details of childhood that I hope I can capture and allow you to hold onto forever.

Side note: Rach & Marty – thank you guys for dragging the kids out of the house ridiculously early so that we could make the most of this beautiful Melbourne sunrise!! This right here.. this is the reason photographers are so insistent and annoying (speaking for myself anyway) about scheduling sessions around sunrise/sunset! That glorious, glorious light !

A hopeful 4 year old looking for snakes...