Melbourne family photographer - kara, jen, Flynn

Kara quickly became one of my closest work friends after we realised we had a shared love of, and were both deeply committed to, leaving work at 4pm on Fridays for happy hour.  Kara also met the love of her life, Jen, at that work place - so I think that particular career choice really paid off for her ;) 

Jen and Kara are just simply one of the most genuine, loving and FUN couples ever. It wasn't that long ago that we were celebrating their wedding in Wanaka, NZ - take. me. back.

Doesn't really get much more picturesque than that, does it!? 

So now, fast forward nearly 2 years and they have become the most loving and devoted mum's to the absolutely GORGEOUS little Flynn.  There is just so much love between these guys and I was so excited that I was able capture some of that for them.. 

Jess WorrallComment