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googles: how to write first blog post… 

Hello to anyone visiting (Hi mum! Hi Dad!) and thanks for stopping by my brand new blog and website! Anyone who knows me well, will know that I am hopeless when it comes to writing (or speaking) a concise and to-the-point sentence… I’m a rambler from way back, I go bright red when I have to speak in front of more than 2 people and I have that issue where your brain kicks in AFTER you have spoken (all of these issues seem to be genetic and passed down from my fathers side).   

 So this is why I tell stories through images rather than words!!

Here are the basics about me! 

--I’m a 30-something year old (I generally need reminding as to what year we are currently in for a precise figure)

--I am a qualified social worker and have spent the past 7 years supporting children, families and elderly clients from all walks of life

--I grew up in country Victoria but am now living in the Inner West of Melbourne

-- Married the kindest and most hilarious (don’t tell him I said that) Kiwi . We travelled around this beautiful world together as much as we could and have now settled down to raise our two gorgeous (albeit crazy) children 

-- My passion is photography (kind of the point of this blog/website and new venture).

 My “style” is pretty simple -  I love capturing the emotion, love and connections between people through natural and candid photography.  So please feel free to follow along (I’m on FB and Instagram too) and if you would like to make a booking, get in touch!


The fam. I do love a good timer photo!!

The fam. I do love a good timer photo!!


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