Emilie + Lara + Carolina

The biggest perk of my job as a newborn photographer is that I am constantly reminded of all of the good in the world. Being invited into a new family's home for a couple of hours and getting to not only witness, but getting to capture, their love, their connection, their joy and their bond - it leaves me with this amazing feeling, this feeling that everything is right in the world..

My newborn session with Carolina & her two beautiful mamas, Emilie & Lara, was no exception.  Their bond, the joy and the love in this home was something really special to witness.  There was a beautiful card on display which I felt like summed it up so simply, yet so perfectly

"That will be one lucky baby, having two incredible mums ..." 

And it's so true, because when I look at these images, I can't help but smile when I think about how lucky little Carolina is to grow up in a home that is filled with so.much.love. 

Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0150.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0151.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0152.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0153.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0154.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0155.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0164.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0156.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0157.jpg

Footscray days

It is so easy to forget that there is beauty in the everyday.  Nothing particularly special happened over the past month for our family, there were no big milestones, no exciting celebrations, no adventures to far away places. Life felt busy, Melbourne was cold and wet and days with the kids often felt repetitive.  Photography has such an amazing way of reminding you to look for the beauty and to soak it up.  I forced myself to get my camera out for my own family more often this month - I even challenged myself to get in the frame - which was a first for me (not counting i-phone selfies!).   So, here are a few of our everyday moments....trips to the park, tantrums over having to leave said park, suuuuuper slow walks with a 3 year old who wants to stop and smell the roses (literally, every.single. rose), fights over toy tractors and tickle attacks. Crazy and chaotic, but I wouldn't have it any other way (haha, that's a lie.... I could do without the tantrums in the park ... oh, and the tickle fight on the bed ended up with Elise body slamming Dan which ended in 2/3s of the room crying...but I'm getting off topic). 

Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0149.jpg
Melbourne family Photographer_0138.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0140.jpg
Melbourne family Photographer_0139.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0142.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0158.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0159.jpg

All of the magic of childhood

Yarraville Family Photographer

We all know that little kids were not built to sit still and be quiet, they were built to play, explore and have fun! Encouraging and embracing that is what my family lifestyle sessions are alllllll about.  Very few people feel natural and comfortable sitting in front of a camera - but playing and cuddling your loved ones!? That comes so very naturally and that is when the magic of childhood really shines through !  Meeting and photographing family's like this one, who wholeheartedly embrace that, makes my heart so so full !! 

This month, I'm joining again with some wonderful photographer friends in a blog circle, please follow the loop to check out their incredible work. First up, this beautiful family session with Tenielle Murray who is an amazing Melbourne Newborn and Family photographer

Melbourne Family Photographer_0106.jpg
Melbourne Family Photographer_0107.jpg
Melbourne Family Photographer_0108.jpg
Melbourne Family Photographer_0109.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0110.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0111.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0112.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0113.jpg

Coming to New Zealand!

New Zealand ! My second home. My bestie is a Kiwi, my husband is a Kiwi and apparently this also makes our kids partially Kiwi  (when they do eventually run for the Parliament of Australia (inevitable) i'll obviously pretend to be completely unaware of this - that's how these things work, right Barnaby?). 

Basically any time the kids do something weird or crazy, I blame the Kiwi within them.  Wozz, on the other hand, says that the moment either of the kids show any athletic talent, we're sending them back over to NZ as he isn't prepared to risk having a child that plays for an Australian sports team (something about an cricketing underarm incident, mannnn they CAN hold a grudge those Kiwis #itwastheearly80s #moveon). But obviously I quickly remind him that both of his children will grow up with Australian accents, passports and will say things like "thongs" not "jandals" and that's usually enough to shut him up. 

But in all seriousness, far out I LOVE NZ. I love the Aussie/Kiwi banter (clearly), and this usually starts in the customs hall at the airport. On our last trip, we were showing our passports and the customs officer looked at them, then looked at Wozz (with pity in his eyes), and asked him how his family feel about him being married to an Australian... I bit my tongue on account of wanting to enter the country...  But I do love the passionate people and our awesome family and friends who make our trip back so memorable every.single.time ! It also helps that the scenery is pretty above-average and easy on the eyeballs - and hey, they're about 100 steps ahead of us in terms of social equality, so bonus points there ! 

In exciting news for us, we have just booked two weeks back to New Zealand over christmas this year and I am offering two family (or couple) sessions while we are there. I'm super excited to explore some more of Auckland's beautiful scenery and so if you have been considering updating your family photos, are based in or can get to Auckland or surrounds and want to come on an adventure with me, get in touch and lets book in a session !

Oh and speaking of awesome families, gorgeous scenery and adventures, I am finally sharing the wonderful Skellon family session that I shot during our trip to New Zealand earlier in the year. This was my first time to this particular spot in Auckland and I loved it - it certainly helped that I had the most relaxed and fun little family to hang out with for the morning ! We explored, we played and I had an absolute ball with them ! 

Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0066.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0067.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0068.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0069.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0070.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0071.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0072.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0073.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0074.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0075.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0076.jpg
Melbourne Newborn Photographer_0077.jpg

Lifelong learning with Amy Rushbrook

I launched my photography business in December 2016.  It took me about 6 months to actually say the words "i'm a photographer" to someone who asked me "what do you do?". Up until then, I pretty much just hid behind the line that I'm on maternity leave and "do a bit of photography on the side".  Every time I received a booking or enquiry, I would honestly just look at my husband with amazement and say "why on earth would they want to book ME!?". Then people started saying really lovely things about my work - referring to it as "art" and calling me "creative" and honestly, I felt like the biggest impostor on the planet !! The thing is, I've never in my life considered myself to be creative.  I'm hilariously bad and impatient at anything that involves art or craft, i've never been all that good with words (almost all of my friends would vouch for that) and I always just assumed those were the types of things that were the criteria for someone being creative .

Enter Amy, of Amy Rushbrook Photography .  Amy has built her business and her brand on being completely outside the box when it comes to family photography. Her creative expression and ability to capture the most meaningful, soulful images from seemingly simple moments, is nothing short of breathtaking. Her work is instantly recognisable, not by how it looks, but by how it makes you FEEL.   I knew that doing a mentor day with her was an opportunity far to good and far too valuable to pass up. 

When I reflect back on my day with Amy, we talked about soooo much, she was so incredibly generous with her knowledge.  From the technical camera stuff and the business side of things like marketing and branding, to embracing and capturing the real, messy and authentic moments over the "picture perfect".  But, what was the most valuable to me, was the mindset that I left in. I feel like this day, was a complete turning point for me and was the day I started to OWN the labels that I had previously been shying away from even acknowledging.

Annnnnnd, know what world!?

Yes, I am creative

 I look at spaces, light, people and interactions in a different way since finding my passion for photography. I notice tiny details that others may miss and see beauty in almost every place and I have done for years, much to the amusement of others (the amount of times I have heard my husband say "what the hell are you even taking a photo of!?" As I compose an image of a seemingly dilapidated brick wall with a flicker of light dancing across it....clearly my mind works slightly differently!).  

Yes, I am a photographer

Am I at the same level as the photographers I look up to and who have been doing this for many years? Well, no, of course not ! But we all start somewhere and I am super proud of the images I am providing to my clients and I am committed to continually growing and learning and improving.  I still get excited every.single.time I get a booking, but there is less of the "why me!?" reaction and more of the "I'm so happy they have picked me!" reaction - and actually, that's kind of something I hope never goes away!! 

So anyway, there's a little insight into the mind of ( I can hear my husband chiming in here with "a raving lunatic") a new business owner who often feels completely out of her depth, but is learning to embrace the unknown and the fear of "what if I fail?" and revel in the excitement of it all. The excitement of turning my lifelong dream into an actual reality! 

Oh, and the cherry on top of my mentor day with Amy?! Doing our shoot together with the absolutely ADORABLE Poppy and her beautiful mumma (and baby bump), Kate.  When their pup, Banjo, got involved and it was like a cherry and sprinkles and chocolate fudge on top type of day !  Whoever came up with the saying "never work with animals or children" had obviously never been in this house  ! Cuteness. Overload. 

melbourne newborn photographer

If you would like to book your own lifestyle family session, click the button below and get in touch !  You know how excited I get about these things now ;)