I know from personal experience that trying to choose outfits for our own family photography session in Melbourne earlier in the year how stressful this can be! Ultimately, the main thing is that you feel AMAZING and comfortable in whatever you wear, but there are definitely some choices you can make so that your family photo session is even more special to look back on in the years to come. Here are a few tips to consider -

1. neutrals are timeless

2. flowy skirts / maxi dresses or simple, classic basics matched with different textures (scarfs, kimonos, chunky knits) photograph really beautifully - keep in mind that you will be moving around / going from from sitting / standing and playing with your children, so you want something you can actually breathe and feel comfortable in

3. pretty, pretty please don't wear shirts with big graphics / logos / lettering - or mixing too many different patterns… and most importantly… please ditch the classic matching white or black t-shirt and jeans combo

4. try to avoid blacks and really dark colours if you're having an in-home family or newborn session OR if you’re having a maternity session (as black can hide your beautiful bump)

5. consider the location where you will be having your photo session when choosing your outfit - eg. shoes and socks for a session at the beach is not going to be practical!

6. it’s always nice if your family can wear complimentary colours - but not matchy-matchy!! Mum, it’s great if you can pick your outfit first and coordinate the rest of the family around YOU.

I highly recommend taking this opportunity to go out and treat yourself to something that you feel AH-MAZING in. To give you a bit of a helping hand, I’ve put together this guide of some of my favourite stores/brands to get your photo shoot outfits from - and I have broken them down by budget. As you will see, this post is focused primarily on dresses (but almost all of these stores have gorgeous options for tops/skirts/shorts if that is what you feel more comfortable in). Also, keep in mind that some of these stores ship from outside Australia, so make sure you allow yourself plenty of time for postage!

Also, one final thing, if you’ve booked a session with me, please feel free to send me photos of your outfit options if you would like a second opinion on what might work best! I’m always happy to help!!

UNDER $100


BETWEEN $100-$200


BETWEEN $150-$300


BETWEEN $200 - $300



(some Fillyoo designs may also be hired from Mama Rentals who have kindly offered all Jess Worrall Photography clients a 15% discount off the cost of their dress rental)

If you have any recommendations of your own that you think should be included here, please let me know!

If you are still wanting a bit more inspiration, pinterest is your BEST FRIEND and I’ve got you covered with this WHAT TO WEAR INSPIRATION BOARD

Got your outfits sorted and want to get cracking with booking your own family or newborn photography session!? Or still got no idea what you’re going to wear but realise that your outfit is nowhere near as important as you actually just existing in photos with your babies?! Get in touch and let’s make some magic!