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In the height of summer, beach sessions can sometimes be a little tricky for families with young children. Because outdoor sessions need to be scheduled to coincide with sunrise or sunset (as that is when we get this MAGICAL and flattering light), and in the middle of summer that can mean start times of either 6am or 7:45pm ! Not exactly ideal when you have a little one that sleeps 7pm - 7am (side note; if you have one of those babies - please share your secrets with me!!).

But by the time March/April comes around, often we still have beautiful, warm days AND the days are getting shorter, so the start time for sessions is soooooo much more reasonable. Honestly, I think at this time of year, sunrise sessions are my favourite because, 
1) kids have generally just woken from a good sleep and are slightly more refreshed than the hour before they go to bed during a sunset session (in our house, we refer to this hour as crazy-o'clock), and,  
2) at a popular beach like this one, it's just us and the dog wallkers (whereas, at sunset on a warm Melbourne day, half of Melbourne's population is still often on the beach enjoying the warmth like it might be the last chance they ever get!!). 

For this session, we arrived on the beach a few minutes before sunrise and the majority of these photos were taken within the first half an hour after sunrise... isn't the light just magical!? Not only that, but it's also so so flattering - no harsh shadows, bright spots or squinty eyes !! Also - what better way to start the day off right with your kids than a trip to the beach at 7am!?   

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