Mel, Lucy & Xander - lifestyle family photographer - melbourne

I can't even begin to imagine what my childhood would have been like without my cousins - nearly all of my favourite memories growing up involve one or two of those crazy guys!  Mellie is no exception, this beautiful woman became a bit like an older sister to me. She took me to my first ever rock concert when I was 14 (Silverchair), and she let me and my friends stay at her awesome Melbourne house when we would visit from Mildura as teenagers (god we must have been terrible house guests).

Now that we all have kids, life is hectic and we don't see anywhere near as much of each other as we should - but when we do it's nothing but fun, laughs and love!  So much love for you guys xx


Sally, Matt, Rhiannon & Quinn - lifestyle family photographer - newport lakes, melbourne

Sally is yet another beautiful mum from my mothers group - also on the crazy "two under two" ride, she has been a total life saver for me on more than one occasion!!  Sally and Matt were so easy to spend the morning with - not that there was any time for boring adult talk in the presence of their hilariously cute little chatterbox, Rhiannon!  SUCH a sweet girl and an absolute crack up with all of her toddler commentary throughout the morning. Add in the cute, smiley little 6 month old, Quinn, and it made for SUCH a natural, happy session. 

On another note, how amazing is Melbourne!?  Asking myself why I have never been to Newport Lakes before this - I stepped inside and it was like being transported to a National Park somewhere miles away from the city. Thanks for suggesting such an awesome spot Sal! 

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I couldn't NOT share this one... because, well.. two under two!