Melbourne Family Photographer - Lauren, Nina, Abbie - Royal Botanical Gardens

I know the purpose of going to university is to learn, to think more critically, study, develop life and career skills etc etc... but for me, hands down the best thing that came out of my 4 years of tertiary education, was making two of my very best friends in the world! 

I remember meeting Lauren & Sue at our Social Work course orientation, we sat together on that first day and that was it... BFF's! From there it was drinks at the pub in between lectures, cheap and cheerful chinatown dinners, girls weekends away and eventually celebrating each others weddings, new careers, and now - babies!! Lauren has been clucky for babies evvvvver since we met her, now she has her two beautiful girls and it's no surprise to anyone that she is the most gentle, loving, positive mother I know. 

She is my biggest mama inspiration and I feel sooooo so lucky that we are able to raise our babies side by side !! And I mean, look... just look at these guys would you!? So much sweetness, so much love, so much happiness.. I could go on and on but I'll allow the pictures to do the rest of the talking because.. well i've had a glass of wine* and I'm starting to ramble.

*given most of the memories Lauren and I share together involve a glass or two of wine, I felt it was necessary to enjoy one while writing her blog post

lauren, nina, abbie-5.jpg
This may be my favourite photo series ever.. Abbie playing it really really cool when she sees her big sister, Nina.
Side note. Is there anything cuter than these little chubby baby legs!?

I think it is safe to say that Nina has found her biggest fan... 

Although I think the feeling is mutual ...

After a few minutes we realised Nina had been suspiciously quiet..... excellent first attempt at applying mascara gorgeous girl!

Next week i'll be sharing the beach session I did with Sue - the other insanely gorgeous, smart and hilarious woman I met way back on my first day of Uni! It is my first fur-baby family photo session  :)