Sally, Matt, Rhiannon & Quinn - lifestyle family photographer - newport lakes, melbourne

Sally is yet another beautiful mum from my mothers group - also on the crazy "two under two" ride, she has been a total life saver for me on more than one occasion!!  Sally and Matt were so easy to spend the morning with - not that there was any time for boring adult talk in the presence of their hilariously cute little chatterbox, Rhiannon!  SUCH a sweet girl and an absolute crack up with all of her toddler commentary throughout the morning. Add in the cute, smiley little 6 month old, Quinn, and it made for SUCH a natural, happy session. 

On another note, how amazing is Melbourne!?  Asking myself why I have never been to Newport Lakes before this - I stepped inside and it was like being transported to a National Park somewhere miles away from the city. Thanks for suggesting such an awesome spot Sal! 

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I couldn't NOT share this one... because, well.. two under two!