Celia, Jude, Bonnie & Finn - lifestyle photographer - melbourne

I was lucky enough to meet Celia and her little one, Jude, in Mothers Group back when we were both sleep deprived and clueless new mums (well, sorry Celia, really only speaking for myself there!!). The support from my Mothers Group and close friends was such an important part of my journey as a new mum and I felt so fortunate to have such a great group of women to share that with. So when Celia messaged me and said she wanted to get some photos with her best friend, Bonnie, and her bub, Finn, I was so excited - such a fun idea! Best friends raising their babies together is the BEST thing ever... being able to capture some of that for these two lovely ladies was really special. Thanks so much guys!

Celia, Bonnie, Jude, Finn web-9.jpg