About jess

Mumma of a nutty toddler and crazy baby. Wife of a hilarious Kiwi. Lover of adventure and light. Photographer of families, lovers and babies.

Based in the Inner West of Melbourne - I love exploring this beautiful city of ours! 

I am passionate about capturing the genuine loveemotion and connections between people. To me, family photos are not about getting a shot of everyone smiling perfectly for the camera, they are about capturing those unique, hilarious and crazy moments that you share with one another every day - so that you can remember them for a lifetime.  

I hold a current Working with Children Check and have had the Whooping Cough vaccination. 

ok, now for some random fun(ish) facts about me

➕  Before launching my photography business, I was working as a social worker - I have been referred to as a bleeding heart on numerous occasions and I'm more than OK with that.
➕  I hate salad. I get all the health benefits and I wish I wasn’t, but I’m a total salad dodger. I used to eat double the amount of fruit each day to compensate for eating no veggies before I realised it doesn’t quite work like that.
➕ I am a passionate advocate and I wholeheartedly believe that enclosed footwear are essentially equivalent to foot prisons. I would happily wear thongs all year long….if not for the freezing/wet Melbourne conditions. 
➕  I met my husband when I was 19 and travelling through Europe. I love to tell people we met in Paris. Whilst technically true, the real story is that we met on a contiki tour that just happened to start in Paris… it was a dodgy campsite on the outskirts, so my story is a stretch but I’ll continue to run with it. 
➕  I LOVE to travel and it was through wanting to take better travel shots that I started to develop my love for photography. My husband and I were planning a trip to hike to Mt Everest Base Camp when we found out we were pregnant with our first daughter.  So that plan was quickly out the window ! 
➕ My husband and I are in constant disagreement about which one of us is funnier. I strongly maintain that it is me, and that he shamelessly steals almost all of my material. He makes a similar argument. I think the answer is quite obvious really.